Back in the Saddle

I felt fine yesterday as I wrote a post about Crossfit… understandably, since that post was done less than 5 hours after having done the class.

I felt fine yesterday, after work, as I took the dog on a long walk.  Understandably, since the walk was less than 10 hours after crossfit

I felt so fine, and A was with me on this, that we decided to go for a bike ride.  I’ll admit, we might not have made the best choice there, but I do actually think it helped a bit.  We went a bit over 20 km, with a brief pause in the middle to establish that, yes, A had a bug in her eye, and yes, I could see it, and yes, I tried to help.  You know you’re good friends when you’re willing to poke them in the eye… and they’re willing to let you.  That bike-ride was followed by a bout of stretching, which might not have happened, otherwise.  I’d have probably snuggled down on the couch for the remainder of the evening, not moving except to retrieve food or find a new book.  I think that the ride loosened up my muscles a bit, and let me do some nice stretches, which let me wake up this morning NOT feeling like I was beaten in my sleep.  As it is, my legs hurt when I’m standing…. but that didn’t kick in until sometime around 3pm, an 8 hour improvement from the effects of last Wednesday’s class.  I am pretty sure I’m not walking like John Wayne, but I haven’t had to do much walking since I discovered that straight-legs are painful legs.

I’m off to walk the dog (hoping for less of the walking like a cowboy), then go to dog training class… this should, I think, ensure that I sleep like the dead tonight, only to be woken, zombie-like, at an unholy hour, and head out to Crossfit.

How long after exercise does the muscle pain hit you?  Apart from “not exercising”, what do you do to avoid it?



  1. Oh, just wait for tomorrow. From my experience, it’s 36 hours after that has you limping. Please post a follow-up after you get out of bed in the morning! Prediction: John Wayne will have nuthin’ on ya.

    • haha, it is usually the second day for me too, but I usually do an evening exercise, so this is entirely screwed up for me. These morning workouts seem to leave me morning-after-painful 😦

  2. It always hits me when I wake up the next morning. I guess I should consider myself lucky that in all my years of mountain bike riding I’ve never gotten a bug in my eye…. 😉

    • haha, at least it was a small one… though I’m guessing that being able to see that little black dot was freaking her out a bit 😛

  3. I say it hits me when I wake up in the morning too! Something about not moving them for a number of hours.

  4. Unfortunately, my exercise regiment consists of schlepping luggage for morons, so my muscles (and spirit) are always in pain!

    • on the plus side, you entertain the masses with hilarious portrayals of the morons… hopefully your awesome perspective on these people helps cheer you up when faced with them, at least as much as it entertains blogland 🙂

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