Training: A New Challenge, and Anxiety All ‘Round

I’ve decided to stop putting these training updates at the bottom of other posts, because they increase my wordcount from ‘hey, stop by and skim through this sometime, it could be entertaining’ to ‘take an hour out of your day and read this intimidatingly long essay that may or may not be entertaining, but certainly doesn’t seem like something you can just skim’.  Not that my non-training-update-filled posts don’t tend to get a bit over-long, but this way, I’ll at least stay on topic…ish.

So… since the weekend, my exercise towards being capable of doing my fundraising Ride for MS has been:

Saturday – not much, except walking… we went to Woofstock (see this post by my sister that covers it a little bit), which means most of the walking was at the slow-shuffle pace of all large crowded places.

Sunday – re-introduced Gwynn to rollerblades. We actually made it around the block!  Slowly, and with many sudden stops for him to sit huddled miserably, tail tucked.  I felt like a monster.  However, we figured out a good system.  Doodle would stay with huddled-Gwynn while I rollerbladed the next stretch of road.
She would then follow, and he’d keep up excellently.  It was kind of like we were proving to him that I wasn’t about to suddenly fall at any moment, and that I can, in fact, rollerblade.  He went with me a few times as well, though he is definitely still quite sure that my doom-by-rollerblade is imminent.  Clearly, however, my wearing of knee pads (that’s the difference from last time) was enough to prevent me from falling.  All in all, a success.  After dropping him off
after our slow-crawl of a roller-blade around the block, Doodle and I rollerbladed 10 km (!) through the waterfront trail.  Great success!  Next time, will bring water, because our only access to water was at the turning-point of our trip, where we elegantly and with panache slurped water out of the automatic taps in the public washroom.

Monday – walk… though more like hobble, because rollerblading works muscles in my bum-region that rarely see the light of activity.

Tuesday – long walk with Gwynn and Sadie, then off to dog obedience class, where we were less dunce-like, apart from Gwynn’s random spaz moments.

Wednesday – three hours of walk, then a 20 km bike ride.

Thursday – Tonight is my first attempt at Cross-fit.  Another groupon-adventure, this time it is 12 classes over the course of 3 months.  And since purchasing, I have become increasingly concerned about how I’m going to survive it!  This is INTENSE.  Their classes seem crazy-hardcore and kind of terrifying.  A and I spent Thursday emailing back and forth with increasing anxiety about this class.  The best part?  Apparently we’re the ONLY people registered for the class.  GULP.  An hour in which a hardcore instructor of cross-fit will kick our sorry un-coordinated asses up and down the room doing purposely random exercises that include weights and possibly even attempting to lift oneself up by the arms.  My arms are as strong as over-cooked spaghetti noodles.  I do a lot of things involving my legs… my arms?  Not so much.  My push-ups are a sad, sad affair,
and generally result in trembling arms barely out of ‘dead straight and elbows locked’ position as I do half as many half-assed pushups as the rest of the class does full-push-ups.  And this is even with the sissy knee-on-the-floor pushups!

Friday, there will be an update on crossfit… if I can lift my arms enough to operate a keyboard!  I’ll have more of an idea of just what it is (apart from scary), and how well (poorly) I did in it



  1. Sounds like you’ll definitely be ready for the ride! Good luck with cross-fit! 🙂

    • thanks! I don’t feel ready for the ride, but I think i’m improving overall.

  2. Good for you! I am attempting to get on a training program to run with Gretel but I seem to have this cold that keeps coming back to haunt me.

    • That would be frustrating! I can’t say I have any interest in running (despite how much I’m sure Gwynn would enjoy it), but I can imagine it’s a tough habit to get into, especially when fighting off sickness. Recover soon!

  3. I am exhausted just reading your schedule! Good luck with the cross-fit!

    • Strange, that’s exactly what I often think, reading about your week’s worth of training and competitions! 🙂

  4. I am the most uncoordinated female on the planet. When I take a class I go in with the theory that as long as I am moving, I am doing something!

    Just go in and do the best you can, it will be fine.

    • I took a step class with my sister on vacation once… we only went to it once, and she eventually forgave me for kicking her. High-fives all around for the uncoordinated people! Try not to smack the other person in the face while high-five-ing 🙂
      When I get confused by what’s going on in a class, i tend to flail more… as if to disguise my lack-of-skill with extra verve and enthusiasm. It generally clears a nice big space around me…

  5. Good for you, fundraising girl! There’s nothing more rewarding than actually contributing to this world rather than just taking what you can.

    • thanks! I really enjoy this type of group ride. I know you’re from Canada… if you’re at all into biking, you should consider participating! There are one-day rides as well, if you don’t have the time to devote an entire weekend to it.

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