Never a Dull Moment… or a Plan too Simple for me to Mess Up!

The Biking Saga continues… My attempt to make it on time to a spin class Monday night was a fail.  I spent a good half-hour running trying to get back from my walk, change into my bike shorts, find my water bottle, and put shoes on… I ran out the door, hopped in my car, and made it to the first stoplight before realizing that I lacked the superpowers or space-age technology necessary to get me to the gym parking lot, into a parking spot within walking distance of the gym, into the gym, signed up (20 minutes in advance, please! they say… it is less than 10 minutes till class starts) fill water bottle, and onto a bike.  Fail.  So I drove the two minutes back home, and proceeded to run around some more, gathering my bike shoes, bike bag, packing the bike bag with my runners and non-cycling shorts, and getting my bike out of the garage.  I grabbed the paper for my groupon that gives me access to the gym, and was on the road in short order.  If I couldn’t spin, then I’d bike to the gym and do  “Hi Energy Cardio ‘N Abs” instead!  Whatever that is, I’m going to do it, and with high energy!  I mean, Hi Energy!  The more hardcore kind of energy!

First roadblock:  Zero bike parking in the parking-lot, and no helpfulness in the gym.  I found a random bit of fencing, though, stripped my bike of all its bells and whistles, except for the bell, which stayed on, and secured my bike. 

Second Roadblock:  the paper I thought was my groupon sheet… was not.  The woman who I explained this to gave me one freebie with the warning that next time I didn’t bring it, I’d have to pay 25 dollars to get into a class… she also called me ma’am, and was at least as old as my mom.

Feeling like a senior citizen, I clip-clopped into the change room (bike shoes… not outing myself as a satyre or other creature with hoofs of any kind.  Nor did I amble in to the gym on a pony.), switched shorts and shoes, and went into the class.  I have to question how they found so many tiny enthusiastic women to teach these courses.  They stay cheerful and upbeat and peppy even as the entire class-full of people at the gym sweat and gasp and heave and try desperately to ‘GET THOSE KNEES UP!’ while fighting against a stitch in their sides and the relentless pull of gravity urging them to lie down.  Or is that just me?

Regardless, I struggled through the class, and then I biked home, because I’m terribly hardcore… and couldn’t have called anyways since I forgot my phone.

So… Monday night:  20 km bike (total) + Hi Energy Cardio ‘N Abs… so hardcore they don’t waste  the time necessary to complete the words in the title of their class!  Nothing says ‘HARDCORE’ like skimping on letters!

Tuesday night:  Nothing…

Well, nothing exercise-ey.  If I had actually managed to fit something in, it would have taken the time-slot I allocated for dinner, and that’s just not cool.

My after-work time started with a doctors appointment… which I got lost on the way to, despite having been there a number of times before, and on my own steam. 

I was home not long after that to scoop up Doodle(tall sister) and the Dog, along with a few water bottles and a ball, and we were off again.  A very speed-walkey walk with Gwynn and Sadie was accomplished (and managed to make me a bit pissy… but more on that tomorrow). Then Peanut(short sister) and I ran off to our first Obedience 2 class, I eventually made it home, ate around 9:30, helped Doodle with her essay, and then fell swiftly into my bed, dead tired.

Does anyone else find essay writing strangely enjoyable?  I kind of miss that part of highschool… even proof-reading Doodle’s essay (on a book I’ve never read) made me inordinately content.  I might be the only one in that particular club, I think.  But seriously… essays = fun.  Maybe I’m just argumentative… and prefer to not have anyone arguing against me?  Maybe I’m just that awesome?  Orrr….

... "nerd" might also be the answer to why I like essay writing and proof-reading... But I totally rock my glasses and pencil-callous! Side note - I really like this picture... it's adorable. And from here

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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

     /  June 8, 2011

    Are u sure we are not related? You seem to have the same ability to fall into wild adventures while doing the most routine of tasks just like I do….. 🙂

    • Lol ditto!!

    • I’m fairly sure that my (very distant) American relatives are in South Carolina, but you never know – they might have migrated at some point (like ducks… or pioneers!)… But I agree – we definitely share an inability to accomplish simple tasks without skirting epic disasters 😛

  2. I like writing essays!

  3. I’ve been called “ma’am” only a handful of times, but it was unsettling each time.

    Oh, and count me as another for the enjoy-essay-writing-and-proofreading bandwagon!

    • it really is an awful word, no matter how old you are. I think it started out as a term of respect, but has warped into this ‘i’m calling you old’ thing… not fun.
      Also, three people on the likes-writing-essays team… soon we’ll be able to get discounts on team tshirts 😀

  4. Doesn’t Obedience class qualify as exercise? 🙂

    • I like that idea 🙂 Yes… yes it does 😉
      I think that the walking I did that day counted as a bit of exercise, but probably not the walking at heel-position and staring at Gwynn while he’s in a ‘Sit-Stay’ for a minute. Maybe if I get into Agility, though… that I woudl definitely count as exercise, for me and for him 🙂

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