Pedalling through a Sauna

I realise that my plan to update you all on my attempts to get back into cycling (in preparation for a 160 ish km fundraising ride) barely had time to exist before fizzling out. 

In an attempt to remedy that a bit, I figured I’d write briefly about that topic, and what I’ve been up to since May 19, and my declaration that cycling would happen.

This past weekend was the May Two-Four weekend, for those of you not in Canada, it means that we had a long weekend in celebration of Queen Victoria, and in celebration of 2-4s (ie, a 24 pack of beer), and in celebration of it almost being warm enough to count as spring weather, and in celebration of lighting tiny rockets that go whizzzz-BANG and make sparkles in the air.

On the plus side, Gwynn is not afraid of fireworks, even the ones that go SQUEEEeEEEEeEEEEEeEEEEBANG and don’t (from what I can tell) make any pretty lights in the air.  On the down side… nothing like a long weekend to suck all of your determination right out of you. 

I went to another meetup event, but this one was a 4 hour long hike on the Bruce Trail (pictures to come sometime this week), and that left me feeling like jello for the remainder of Sunday, and left me feeling like apathy for most of monday.  Wow… I hate the idea of giving so many excuses!  So LAME!

But at least it was exercise, and at least I did a few good leg-muscle-working walks over the weekend.

Last night, I went to a spin class.  I’m not sure if any of you have been to one of these, but IT IS BRUTAL.  It didn’t help that they’re apparently testing out the room for use as a hot yoga studio (the answer is yes, the room is at least as hot as a hot-yoga studio, in my personal opinion), because nothing makes exercise more difficult than swimming in your own disgustingly dripping sweat.   Super!  But I kept up, and even though my legs were howling NO, my hand was increasing the difficulty of pedal every time the Devil-Instructor-Extraordinaire (D.I.E) leading the class shouted “HARDER!”

But now I find myself with a dilemma… how much distance does an hour-long spin class count as?  These bikes don’t have odometers, they don’t even have clearly defined gears.  They don’t go up-hill or down-hill, you just increase the pedalling difficulty or decrease it.  You can’t glide – not pedalling = not moving (then again, pedalling = not moving too), and the only reason to stand up on the bike is because D.I.E has ordered you to get off your seat.  So… does it count as the average 20 km that I usually do on my bike in an hour?  Or should it count as less than that?  I keep up as well as I can, and I spent nearly the entire class sweating to the point of dripping, and gasping for breath like a fish out of water.  It takes my face about an hour to go from tomato coloured back to my usual fish-belly-pale… but that is basically what happens every time I do anything more strenuous than a hike or walk.  As you can see, I’m a bit indecisive about how this counts towards my training.  I’ve got about two more weeks of having the option of spin classes, and plan to take advantage of them as much as possible… so I’d like to know how they count in training.

I figured I’d put it to a vote, and let you all decide. 


  1. I think the spin class probably makes you sweat more, but if you could actually get out and try riding the bike it would be more beneficial to what you will face during your fund raising ride.

    • I definitely agree with you there – my bike is coming out tonight, though I will likely be having another few battles with DIE (both cycling and in bootcamp type classes) over the next few weeks. I’m trying to finish a 20 class pass to premier fitness before it expires. I’m hoping that the many random classes will at least build up my lung capacity.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

     /  May 25, 2011

    You are doing great! I have never had a spin class but by what you described, I bet you can easlily count more than the 20km pace you usually do….. I’ll see ya in August! 🙂

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