Meetup and Regenerate!

A while back, I read a post by Youdidwhatwithyourweiner  that mentioned, and the post mentioned using this website “to find fun activities for you and your dog”.  I have no friends in the city who have dogs, and very few who are as outdoors obsessed as I am, so the idea of using a site to meet friendly people to do some doggy type things with immediately struck my fancy.  I was pretty hopeful that this site would have some things to do in my area, and, wouldn’t you know it, there were!

This is how I ended up driving with Gwynn and Peanut (aka Short Sister) to a doggy daycare on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  It was an Australian Shepherd Bonanza!  And, luckily for us, they consider Aussie mixes like Gwynn to be acceptably Aussie to go to the party.  Surrounded by beautifully coloured Aussies (They all looked like they had just won prizes at a dog-show), he still got plenty of compliments for his rocker hair and general adorableness.  He is good at standing out in a crowd, that’s for sure!

Before this, I had never been to an indoor dog activity center, or doggy daycare, or anything like that.  To be honest, it seems kind of silly… However, given the opportunity to let Gwynn romp around with a room full of dogs, the opportunity for me to socialize with a few people who are clearly as obsessed with their dogs as I am, and given the opportunity to NOT have to go for a long walk in the rain, I was sold on the idea of attending. 

The dogs all look like they're mid-Timelord regeneration... maybe they're regenerating into something better suited to an entirely Aquatic Ontario

Have I mentioned on the blog that Southern Ontario has apparently developed a new season?  It’s Monsoon Season!  We have gotten so much rain that there is a family of ducks living in my neighbour’s pond.  This pond used to be his yard, but the yard is now submerged enough that they are paddling around in the grassy water without their feet on the ground.  Gwynn really really wants to meet them, and I really really plan to continue to crush that dream.

Gwynn had a blast romping with the other dogs, running through the tunnel, jumping through the tube through the wall, and chasing all the rubber toys scattered around. 
I apparently was a failure at photography that day, however.  All my pictures make the dogs look like demons that are regenerating, Dr. Who style.  To give you an idea, I’ve included some of my photos.  I blame the dogs for moving around too much!  Then again, with that kind of excitement, how could you hold still long enough to pose anyways?!

Maybe i'll be a golden-doodle next! I've heard that blondes have more fun...



demonic eyes and regeneration-energy auras! And a cute little 4-month old puppy who held just still enough to be in focus

After Gwynn had thoroughly tuckered himself out, we made our way back out, through the little doggy boutique, and stopped to pick up a few things.  I was pretty ecstatic to find that they were selling DEXAS popware for pets.  I read a review for it at According To Gus, but our petshop didn’t carry it (yet… I’m going to give them the brand name and suggest it, because it’s super handy!), and I try to avoid excess shopping.  I got a small travel bowl for Gwynn, which will come in handy for my camping plans, as well as being handy for all of our long walks – it looks far classier than the Tupperware container I was using.  I realise that having a bowl like this is entirely unnecessary (The Tupperware was quite effective), but this has a hole in it for attaching it to a carabiner, so that it can be on the outside of my bag.  Valid reason for unnecessary purchase?  Maybe not… but it’s too late now, and it wasn’t too expensive. 

Doggy Cocaine!

We also got a squeaky ball with feet.  This ball is some kind of drug for dogs, and I’ll admit, I had some ball-envy.  It seems like every dog in the creek valley had one last summer, and all of them love it, long after the squeaker has died.  I wanted in on the action!  Also, Gwynn actually chases it, EVERY TIME I throw it.  EVERY TIME.  The only disadvantage is that we had to take it away from him while inside the house, because he was well on his way to prying those feet off entirely.

Training Update: Instead of biking last night, i went to a Dance/Body Sculpt class… which translates to Alex jumps around, trying to copy what the instructor is doing, and tries to not kick anyone while gasping for breath and turning the colour of a tomato… To Music!  I’m hoping that cardio things like this will help me with my cycling, so you’ll be hearing about these as well.  I also went on two 1hr ish walks with the dog in the evening – before- and after- class. 


  1. I am glad you guys had fun. Indoor areas are not my first choice, expecially when the the weather is nice, but are especially great when it is raining (which in Seattle is pretty much all winter. ha, ha). Playdates with like doggies is so much fun and Meetup is a great resource!

    Cool that you go the Popware travel bowl. We don’t use ours a ton but when we do we are sure glad we have it. Plus it is cute 🙂

    And thanks for the mention!

    • I agree with you about the indoor areas – I’d far prefer to be outside, but I was definitely happy to stay inside for that day – we had steady downpour for most of the day!

  2. Thank you for the pingback. So glad that you found a Popware bowl. We used a tupperware container for years – and you’re right, it worked just fine! What we do like about the Popware bowl is that it’s collapsible. We use the carabiner to attach to our belt loop or shove it in a pocket.

    So glad you had such a nice time! We used to think day care was silly, too. Until we tried it – and met so many fantastic people.

    Have a great Friday…and weekend!

    • I got the travel bowl, so i’ll have to add a carabiner to it (the cup was a bit too small for my plans for use as dog dish while camping), but it definitely takes up less space in my bag than a tupperware – and it is hopefully less likely to get chewed up. Your review was definitely the main selling point for getting one of these – ever since reading it, i’ve been keeping an eye out for them!
      happy friday to you too!

  3. My dogs went twice a week to daycare for years. We have just recently stopped due to changes in ownership, and I know they miss it. Hopefully they will be back to it come fall. It is nice to have the dogs tired out and a couple of nights not having to walk them.

    Glad you had fun! (And I thought Gwynn WAS a labradoodle!) LOL

    • He’s an Aussiedoodle… very similar, but generally shorter than a labradoodle 🙂
      I could definitely see it being nice to have him all tuckered out once or twice a week, especially in the winter!

  4. When we go on vacations we always send our little gal to the dogspaw and she loves the day care! I feel great knowing she’s not alone and has lots of friends to play with 🙂

    • I could definitely see Gwynn enjoying that – my cousins do something similar with their dog and he just about has to be torn away from the dogspaw at the end of the trip 🙂

  5. Lovin’ your reference to Doctor Who—I absolutely love that show and I’m totally digging the new Doctor. 😉

    I’m really hoping Oscar and I will win a collapsible travel cup from our friends at According to Gus. I’ve been using a plastic container during our adventures at the park and it takes up so much space!

    • i used a plastic container for a while too – the bowl is nice, and will be even nicer once i’ve got a carabiner on it (I didn’t get the cup, because i figured I’d want something i could serve him food in for camping) and can hook it on the outside of the bag.
      I think my favorite doctor is still the previous one, but this guy is doing really well too 🙂
      Good luck on Gus’s contest – I’m jealous that you can enter! Poor Canadian me, I can’t be part of the contest 😛

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