Blatant Nepotism

Not to brag, or anything, but I’ve started a bit of a trend in my family.  Not a big one, mind you, but still.  Tall sister, aka Doodle, has a blog!  See, I’m a great influence!  Sending her off to University next year, with yet another computer-related addiction to maintain while also attending classes and completing homework.  And, of course, all those fun things that people do at university.

You should check out her blog!  In particular, I figured I’d point out this most-recent post to you, since it has some great pictures and videos of Gwynn being goofy and frolicsome, while mildly interfering in yard-work. 

Also featured in this post are some mild representations of myself (I do not go Bwa-ha-ha evilly while plotting my dog’s employment status… I go “Mwa HAHAHAHA!!”… big difference), as well as my awesome ability to use power tools and use mind-control on the dog.

You will also see the awesome rake-skillage of Short Sister (aka Peanut, or Emma…), witness abnormally large insects, and hear about my tyrannical indoor-cleaning regimens!  Exciting times!

So, GO FORTH, and witness the awesome cuteness that is my dog, as he bounds through Drawn in and Quartered!  At some point soon (I hope), she will also be featuring some of her own original art-work, some great short comics she’s done that feature Gwynn and the panther-like cat who stalks through our yard on a daily basis.  No pressure, Doodle!

Also… in a bit of self-advertising, many thanks to Oh My Words! , who nominated me as a Versatile Blogger, after winning that award TWICE (simultaneously!) last week.  She’s a pretty impressive gal, with a highly entertaining blog.  I’ll say it again later, but you should check it out!  I will be fulfilling the requirements for claiming that prize at some point this week, I swear 🙂


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  1. Oh good–I totally slacked on informing my award winners that they’d won (I’m so bad), so I’m glad you got the message! 🙂 I think you’re pretty impressive and entertaining, too!

    That’s great your sis is following in your blogging footsteps. I love seeing original artwork on blogs, so if my vote counts for anything, I vote for that. Also, my dog Mona Lisa goes CRAZY over our fiendish hose. Something like your Gwynn, only more hyper and desperate.

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