A weekend in Mother Nature’s Bad Graces

Clearly, Mother Nature was pissed off this weekend.  The swinging pendulum of weather over the course of two days (three, if you include Friday) was shocking, and difficult to accommodate.

Friday fit well enough into late-winter weather – warmer than most of the rest of the winter, still frozen, lots of ice everywhere.  No big deal, Tall Sister and I donned our standard winter gear and trekked through the creek valley with Dog and his blonde girlfriend Sadie (the not naming things thing is getting irritating… names will be thrown in will-he-nill-he, just because.), Dog and Sadie ran laps through the forest around us.  My legs even recovered sensation by the time we left for obedience class.  The warm-ish winter weather meant, of course, that the school gymnasium in which we had obedience was doing a sauna imitation, because the school doesn’t adjust temperature quickly.  Great day to have a doggy-obstacle course set up for fun-time-trials. 

Saturday, we switched to an entirely different region’s version of winter weather – it was Monsoon season.  Dog and I held off on our walk for quite a while, until I was quite sure that, if anything, the rain was getting harder.  Half the backyard was underwater by this point.  We made a brief foray into the creek valley park, but a big section of the path that passes under a road bridge was entirely submerged, and I wasn’t wearing hip-waders (or stupid enough to try wading the creek with knee high water and a strong current), so we beat a hasty retreat, heading back home.  Luckily, Dog seems to dislike rain as much as I do – when we got back from the walk, he sat forlornly on the back door carpet while I tried to dry him off as much as I could.  He sat there a bit longer after I gave up, looking pathetic, as though saying, “That’s all you could do to ease my suffering?  You love me so little?”… I could actually see him tolerating a raincoat – or some kind of umbrella-harness-system, if it would keep him more dry during rainy-day walks. 

I went out on Saturday night, getting soaked in the line-up to get into the bar, but, overall, I was happy that I was at least warmer than I would have been had the winter weather still been upon us.  Within two hours of us getting to the bar, Mother Nature switched from above-zero-and-raining to zero-and-hailing… and this rapidly changed to zero-and-snowing.  Not just a little bit of snow, of course – by the time we left the bar, the snow came up to the top of my feet.  My feet, which were stupidly wearing ballet flats.  There was more snow on the ground than we got during the so-called snowmageddon that shut down the GTA a few weeks ago.  By the time we made it to my neighbourhood by transit, the snow was ankle deep – this after a full day of solid rain.  My friend and I must have been a ridiculous sight, trotting down the middle of the street in our inappropriate footwear and bar clothes, each of us in our own tire-track, to keep our feet out of the snow.

Sunday was, at least, not rainy, so we were able to go on a nice long walk through the winter wonderland my neighbourhood had transformed into.  The people we passed, shovelling their driveways, were not impressed by this weather.  Dogs in general were thrilled, Dog in particular acted as though he’d never seen snow before.  Dog met up with his red-headed girlfriend, Anya (the Vizsla), for an extended romp in the snow.  In case you were wondering, yes, my dog is a player.  And also, apparently, irresistible to all Vizslas – it’s like they (male or female… every Vizsla he’s met) see him, and think, “we will make beautiful puppies together – fast and warm”, and then do their best to claim him as their own.  This strange attractiveness was extra visible when Anya and a handsome intact (ie, still fully equipped) male Vizsla fought over Dog like he was the last meatball on earth. 

All in all, we went from having a bit of snow, to no snow, to lots of snow over the course of slightly more than 24 hours.  I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind, because a few days of warm weather make the cold even worse.  Especially after I got a good sighting of green grass!

Anyone else think Mother Nature’s off her rocker?

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