Lost Dog **She was Found**

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***Update: Ruby was found on Feb 27, she’d travelled from Frenchmans Bay all the way to Toronto.  Read below the lost dog section for some links to what to do if you lose your dog, or find a lost dog.  ***

for those of you in the Pickering, ON area… please keep your eyes peeled for this pooch. 

Ruby, a Golden Retriever-Poodle Mix

She only just joined her new family, was spooked, and ran off.  Here is the info I have on her:

Name: Ruby
Age: 6 Years
Colour: silver with black – silver phantom
Breed: Golden Retriever mixed w/ Poodle
Lost on: Feb 20, 2011

Ruby is a 6yr old medium sized black & silver Goldendoodle that has been shaved right down. She is wearing a red harness & dragging a retractable leash. It is possible she might have chewed it off. She was last seen in the ravine/marsh area of Douglas & Random in Pickering by Frenchman’s Bay and could have headed across the Bay as it was frozen. She was extremely scared and going full tilt so could be anywhere by now either East or West as this is by the lakeshore. Ruby is a very shy dog and might not come to you. She is very new to the area and only recently adopted about 2 wks ago. Please call either Pam at 905-492-2877 or 416-897-1098 or pgrieve@heenan.ca or Mary Jane at 705-437-2790 or 416-355-7021 or aussiedoodles@gmail.com

Ruby was one of the breeding dogs at my dog’s breeder, and just got retired and placed in a new home.  The breeder has been sending out emails to everyone she knows even remotely near the GTA today, since Ruby still hasn’t been found.  I figured that, since the chances of Ruby running all the way to my area are near zero, I would at least pass on the message in every way I can think of.  My blog isn’t exaclty a high-traffic locale, but I can always hope that someone from Pickering area might stumble upon this post and help out.

I recently found two great posts by Time to Train your Dog that pertain to this, so I’m going to pass them on to you.  If you’ve lost your dog or cat, check out “Lost dog… What do I do” – it has some good tips for helping you find your pet.  For running into a lost dog, and what to do, read “If you Find a Dog”.  For the potential Pickering area people who might be reading this post, definitely check out that second link – Ruby is a shy dog, but most dogs can be coaxed towards you with food (carry some treats or  kibble… or anything foody that isn’t toxic for dogs… next time you go out for a walk), and I doubt she’d be any different.

I can only imagine how upset Rubys family must be… and how scared Ruby herself must be, so, if you’re in Pickering area, or the East end of the GTA, keep your eyes peeled for a dog wandering loose.



  1. Pat

     /  March 1, 2011

    I cannot believe she travelled to Toronto. Poor little gal. Thank goodness she was found.

  2. Pat

     /  March 1, 2011

    I also read that Ruby had a different leash on, so do you think someone maybe picked her up and drove her to Toronto and she ran again? How would she get a different leash on? Just glad to hear a happy ending. Now we just have to find Chelsea the Bernese Mountain dog missing from Whitby.

    • Maybe someone tried to catch her after she’d lost her original leash and lost her again? If I found a lost dog, I’d be pretty likely to transfer my leash to that dog if I could – my dog is less likely to run away from me than a strange dog would be. I’d like to think that whoever put that new leash on her did so with the intent of finding her family, but if they drove her to Toronto, it wouldn’t seem that way. Dogs are pretty hardy (and very fast), and she had a fair bit of time to make her way all the way to Toronto. I’m sure she’s much happier being a house-dog, though.
      Hopefully Chelsea is found quickly as well.

  3. I hope you don’t mind because I’ve reblogged this post. I’ve also spread this by twitter and other channels. Lets hope it will help finding this dog soon …

    • No worries, but if you look at the top of the post, I updated a few days ago to say that she was found – she made it pretty far, but has now made it home safe.

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